D. Eugene Thompson brings an innovative approach to architecture and design. As the founder of Ionic DeZign Studios, he has achieved distinction throughout the community as a theorist, artist, teacher and architect.  Eugene is firmly committed to the practice of architecture as a collaborative enterprise. He strives to ensure IONIC’s architects and designers can expand and grow their creativity. One of Eugene’s main goals is to foster the connective tissue between an owner and project team to allow all to participate in the reinvention and creation of architecture. Before starting IONIC, he worked for several offices and attained several notable achievements. Recently, Eugene has been working toward implementing ‘green design’ elements into several large development projects including office buildings, housing developments and entertainment facilities.  As the firm has grown, he has expanded his role as business owner and proprietor but will never lose his love for designing and creating architecture.


28 years total, 19 years with Ionic DeZign Studios


1993 / Professional Architect / New York State

1998 / Professional Architect / Virginia

2011 / Professional Architect / North Carolina

2013 / Professional Architect / Pennsylvania

2013 / Professional Architect / South Carolina

2014 / Professional Architect / Maryland

2014 / Professional Architect / Florida

2015 / Professional Architect / Georgia

2016 / Professional Architect / Texas

2016 / Professional Architect / New Jersey

2016 / Professional Architect / Rhode Island

2017 / Professional Architect / Arizona

2017 / Professional Architect / Alabama

2017 / Professional Architect / Illinois


Bachelor of Architecture / Oklahoma State University / 1989


American Institute of  Architects

Hampton Roads Association for Commercial Real Estate

                 Committee for Design Awards

                 Committee for Mix n Mingle

National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

United States Green Building Council

Entrepreneurs Organization

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere" - Albert Einstein

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